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It’s Time to Start Saving!

Create a budget: A budget is a great tool for you to figure out how much money you expect to earn or receive as gifts (income) and how much you expect to spend on the things you want (expenses). Putmoneyting the numbers on paper can help you see if your expectations are realistic or if you need to make some adjustments. Ask your parents to help! 

Set savings goals: Set a savings goal. This can be short term (like money for the water park trip this summer) or long term (like saving for a car or college). Make a plan to achieve those goals and track your progress along the way.

Get a part-time job: While working a part-time job is not something everyone can do, if you are able to get a job, you will earn some extra money and start learning the value of hard work and responsibility. Some ideas are dog walking for your neighbors, babysitting or pet sitting, or doing light yard work.

Discuss the importance of saving: Talk to your parents, older siblings or other family members. Find out how they saved money when they were younger and how that changed as they grew older. Ask about earning interest with a credit union savings account and how that can help your savings grow over time.

Shop smart: Start looking for coupons and discounts. You will be surprised how often deals are available for the things you want to do or buy. Equally important – learn to avoid impulse spending. Those unplanned purchases can quickly set back your savings goals.


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